23 April 2012

tiny paddles

Tried paddling with two of the wains a couple of weeks ago, them using a split kayak paddle so they could pretend to be doing something useful. 
The seven year old was actually able to paddle the 16' canoe with the four of us in it - all I had to do was sit in the back and steer.   I thought "I'm onto something here" - it's time to get proper kids paddles.

Have you ever tried to buy a kids canoe paddle?  they're about £30!  nearly as much as  proper full size ones!

I found a couple on ebay.  They were Collect in Person from England, but I stuck in a fiver anyway to see what they went for. 

I won. 

Oops, Now I had to find a way of getting them picked up.
Eventually DHL agreed to do it for £13, and they arrived a few days later. 

total cost - £18 for two hand made paddles.  They weren't exactly Grey Owl, but they look great and the kids love them. 

There's obviously demand - everybody we met was asking where they came from.

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